Robotic Assisted Hip Replacement

Robotic assisted total hip replacement is a technique which was first used in Australia in April 2016.

Dr MacKenzie was the first surgeon in Newcastle to use robotic assistance for total hip replacement.

Robot-assisted hip replacement utilises the latest robotic technology to prepare the bone and position the hip replacement.

This is far more accurate than a surgeon is able to achieve alone. Multiple studies of placement of the prosthetic cup in Total Hip Replacement (THR) consistently show 30% of cups are positioned outside the 'safe zone'. Robotic assistance should reduce this to close to zero.

More accurate prosthesis positioning is designed to decrease dislocation risk and improve prosthesis longevity.

The patient receives a pre-operative CT scan. The surgeon plans the prosthesis position on the 3D CT model (features 0.2mm adjustments). The Robot assists the surgeon in bone preparation and prosthesis positioning (positioned to within 1mm of the plan) and allows accurate intraoperative assessment of the leg length and cup position.

Dr MacKenzie performs robotic assisted total hip replacement at Lingard Private Hospital through both the direct anterior approach and the posterior approach.


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